Club Handicap

White City Running Club encourages members of all abilities to participate in race competitions. To encourage club competition we have a Club Championship that is based on a handicap system. The club committee selects eleven races, over varying distances, which run throughout the year. When members take part in these races club championship points are awarded for first place in the handicap is 100 points, 2nd 95 points, 3rd 90 points, and so on.

Each club runner is given a handicap time prior to a race that is based on previous performances. The club runner who gets the closest or beats their handicap time by the most wins. The overall Championship is decided on your BEST FIVE race results from the eleven races. This is added together for the final score. To qualify for the championship a club runner must take part and complete in at least 5 races. The Championship Trophy and other prizes are presented at a combined AGM and Presentation night at the end of the year

New members qualify for the competition with their first race being awarded points on a "first past the post" basis. Subsequently they are allocated a handicap time.

Handicap results are available in the ConnectMyClub app. Members can log into the website app here if you haven’t already installed it on your phone or tablet.