About Us

The Club Today

Welcome to the White City Running Club (Word document) Welcome to the White City Running Club

If you want to know the aims of the club, how we operate, where we are based, etc. then please visit our The Club Today page.

Where Are We?

The club is based at The Hull & East Riding Sports Club in Chanterlands Avenue, Hull which is opposite the YPI. Click here Click to see a map to see a map

Frequently Asked Questions

We have built up a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you might find helpful. In addition to discussing some practical aspects of belonging to a club it tries to cover some the questions that you will find particularly useful if you have little or no experience of belonging to a club. White City welcomes and supports runners of all abilities, including those who are just starting out and need to know that they won't have to run by themselves.

Club Committee

The Committee page shows the names and pictures of all the current committee members so you know who to go to if you have any queries. They are all very willing to help if you have any questions.

History Of The Club

The Club History page tells the story of the club from its origins in 1985, including how it got its name from the White City stadium that once stood in Hull.

Contact Us

The Frequently Asked Questions page should answer most of your questions but you can always contact us by signing up to the club group page on Facebook.